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Goldwork Couching


Sun 16th October 2022 10am-4pm

Exeter Community Centre, 17 St. David's Hill, Exeter EX4 3RG

£65 plus kit cost.

'Stitching With Liz & Helen' is a collaboration between two Royal School of Needlework tutors, Liz Tapper & Helen Jones (, to bring the art of needlework to Exeter. We aim to provide classes in a range of techniques and for varying skill levels. Please do get in touch if there's a particular course you would like to see listed.

A focus on ways in which gold thread can be worked with couching threads so that they lie on the surface of an embroidery and create different patterns, using padding and how this effects the appearance, as well as using coloured couching threads. A fun class with an element of experimentation. Suitable for all levels, including those who would like to expand their goldwork knowledge.

The class kit will include everything you require to complete the project. There will also be a further range of metal threads available on the day to purchase. You will be able to borrow ring frames on the day, but you will need a fine tipped pair of embroidery scissors suitable for goldwork,

and magnifiers and lights (if  either are needed).


This class will run from 10am-4pm at Exeter Community Centre, 17 St. David's Hill, Exeter EX4 3RG

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