Jacobean Embroidery

Jacobean apr 2022.jpg

Saturday 18th June 2022 10am-4pm

St David's Community Centre, 17 St David's Hill, Exeter EX4 3RG

£65 + £15 kit.

'Stitching With Liz & Helen' is a collaboration between two Royal School of Needlework tutors, Liz Tapper & Helen Jones (www.stitchwork.co.uk), to bring the art of needlework to Exeter. We aim to provide classes in a range of techniques and for varying skill levels. Please do get in touch if there's a particular course you would like to see listed.

Jacobean crewel work is the description given to English needlework of the 17th century which was influenced by increasing contact with India and China, for example through textiles imported by the East India Company.  Strictly speaking many of the classic motifs come from the mid or late century, so therefore after the death of James I.  The design style is typified by exuberant flowers, foliage, animals and birds and was applied to household items.  The term 'crewel' refers to two ply wool. It remains a popular form of embroidery today. 


This one day class will introduce you to this lovely technique.  Using crewel wool and working

on linen twill, you will cover traditional crewelwork stitches such as trellis,

long & short stitch, coral stitch and seeding.  

The kit includes fabric, thread, needles and instructions. Seat embroidery frames will be available for loan on the day, but please bring embroidery scissors. At the end of the day participants will have learnt everything necessary to finish the piece at home. Beginners are welcome. 

There will be an hour’s break for lunch at 1pm. Coffee, tea and biscuits are included in the class price. There are cafes and shops nearby for lunch, but it may be easier to bring a packed lunch.


This is a wonderful opportunity to learn a traditional hand embroidery technique in the relaxing environment of Exeter Community Centre, situated in the lovely city of Exeter.

This class will run from 10am-4pm at Exeter Community Centre, 17 St David's Hill, Exeter EX4 3RG