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Birds of a Feather....

My current work in progress is a commission for two silk shaded buzzards. This is a very up close image of the largest bird, but in reality it's only about 5" from wing tip to wing tip. I'm working it using one strand of stranded cotton, with currently about 5 different shades in use at the moment. To help create the effect of the feathers overlapping, the ones closest to the body are worked first, gradually moving out to the feathers at the tips of the wings. I'm also changing the angle of the stitches as I move along the wing to make them look more realistic. I'm further along with the work than this image shows, but I still have approximately 20 solid hours of stitching left, before I then make it up into a piano stool seat cover. I'll keep you updated! The next time you hear a buzzard circling high up above you in a beautiful blue sky, think of my buzzard here.

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