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Happy New Stitching Projects!

I hope you all have had a lovely Christmas and New Year? I've been having a very nice time playing lots of board games with the family, trying not to eat too much (not always succeeding with that though...) and generally relaxing. It's lucky that embroidery is a wonderfully relaxing artform as I couldn't stop myself from playing with several different American smocking patterns! They all look so lovely, and the final effect varies so much depending on the fabric chosen, the pattern, the direction of stitching and the dot spacing. The hardest bit was choosing which design to work next! I started with 1cm spacing on satin and moved up to 2cm for the larger designs. The larger designs on velvet would look amazing - the texture created would feel so luxurious. I can feel my fingers getting 'itchy' again as I type. So must go, stuff to stitch.....

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