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Pam Wolstenholme

As many of you know, I took over Lenham Needlecraft from Pam in May last year. Pam had run Lenham for over 40 years from her lovely farmhouse home, sending wool and canvases across the world to all her loyal customers, many of whom were also considered her friends. She loved to chat to her customers - I was one of these lucky people for a few years. I would often place an order which would then be followed up by a call from Pam to check all was correct, but then continued with a lovely chat catching up with news about our families and what we'd been up to recently. I'm sure many of you remember those chats with a smile.

I'm very sorry to say therefore, that following a long illness, Pam died last week. There will be a thanksgiving service held in November, but in the meantime, if anyone wanted to send their condolences to the family, I would be happy to provide contact details. If so, please email me at .

I will do my best to continue to run Lenham in the same welcoming and friendly way that Pam always did.

Liz Tapper

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