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Guide to Canvases

Choosing the right canvas for a project can be daunting.

This guide aims to help you with that process.


Available in white and antique (brown). Mono is made up of single vertical and horizontal threads.  This allows the stitches to move, which is perfect for such projects as cushions or chair seat covers. Mono can distort while being worked, so is usually stitched in a frame, although even this isn't foolproof. All canvases can be stretched/blocked after working to return them to the correct shape.



Available in white. Interlock consists of a single horizontal thread wrapped by two vertical threads, thus 'locking' the mesh at the intersections. Due to this 'locking', the canvas will distort less than mono. It is perfect for pictures, wall hangings, firescreens and rugs, and also for working in the hand, rather than on a frame.


Available in white and antique (brown). Double canvas is made up of two vertical and two horizontal threads woven together, meaning it's very durable. Stitches can be made over two threads, or over one, which is particularly useful for small details such as faces.


Available in ecru (off white). Rug canvas consists of strong cotton threads woven into a large interlocking mesh. The low count (7hpi) means that the area can be covered more quickly when stitching large rugs.


Available in white. Etamine/Cordova is a fine meshed canvas suitable for small, detailed projects, such as needlecases, or doll's house rugs. 

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