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The Napoleonic Coat Goldwork Sampler kit introduces the embroiderer to the threads and techniques used to recreate the goldwork embroidery from an original military dress coat worn by one of Napoleon's aide de camp's in the early 1800s.


Now available in gilt, silver or copper, while stocks last.


If just purchasing the Instructions & Diagram, these will be sent to you via email and will comprise comprehensive instructions with images, stitch guide, diagram with key and full sized design. Please note, the Instructions are the same regardless of metal thread colour. You must choose No for Mellor to then be able to see the Instructions & Diagram option. Please select Instructions Only at checkout for free 'delivery' by email.


This kit came about due to a commission I undertook in 2021-22, to recreate all the embroidery on the original in order for a full size replica coat to be created.  This was an extremely detailed commission, involving reading through countless documents and translating the information found into the pertinent motifs for that rank of officer, including the correct sizing of all sections of the embroidery. The article the BBC ran on my work can be found here:


The kit includes calico with the design already transferred, a range of metal threads and spangles, sewing thread, two types of padding, needles and beeswax, as well as full instructions with a diagram.


Currently out of stock: There is an option to add a mellor to the kit.  This is an extremely useful goldwork tool, which will come in very handy many times during the stitching of this kit.  The point helps lay cut purls into place, aids their removal if required and keeps the thread from tangling with them. The flat side smooths edges of cutwork, rubs and pokes padding, cutwork and metal threads into place and buffs chips (no chips in this kit though).  It's also used in whitework to help lay threads neatly and in both techniques, minimises fingers touching the thread and thereby transferring dirt and oils, causing the metal to tarnish more quickly and white thread to become grubby.


The finished embroidery is 15.5cm high by 7cm wide.

Suitable for those with some experience.

Napoleonic Coat Goldwork Sampler Kit

PriceFrom £8.00
  • heavyweight calico

    metal threads in gilt, silver or copper

    sewing thread



    stitch guide and diagram

    comprehensive instructions

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