Gilt smooth passing thread no.6

6m length (to allow couching two strands together).
No.6 is slightly thicker than no.4.
Passing thread is finer than Japanese thread and has a wire like feel to it.  It can be either couched down, used for underside couching or used in the needle. Used for goldwork and embroidery. It consists of a cotton core thread wrapped with gilt thread.


Use a chenille needle to sew with the passing in the needle. Alternatively, to couch, secure it down in pairs with a waxed sewing thread every 3-4mm. The ends will need to be 'plunged' (taken through) to the back and stitched back to secure them. Please note: this thread will be supplied wrapped around a small cardboard cop, not on a reel as shown.


Handmade in the UK.

Smooth Passing no.6 - Gilt